Bryan and Bryce Harper win the Hair Run Derby. #AmIRite

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I don’t like being led on, lied to, confused, none of that shit. Just tell me how it is from the beginning.


Relationships now a days are like; one guy, one girl. One person isn’t ready for a label, one person is willing to wait. One hoe is trying to steal the guy away, one player is trying to steal the girl away. One friend also has feelings for that one person, one friend doesn’t like that one person, one ex is trying to get back at that one person, one person thinks it’s better off being just friends.

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My Verbal Soul: This time around. →


Seems like every few years
I get back in the same rut
Soak my face with new tears
And swear I’ll change but..

Here in am again, same routine
But something’s different..
Something has changed me
Some things aren’t interesting

I no longer long for a girl
To keep me occupied
I don’t want…

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